miercuri, 29 iunie 2011

O minivacanta pe-acasa

Stau in camin si-ascult pofticios in sesiune Coldplay. Ma simt ca si cum de-abia i-am descoperit. Am foarte multe de zis si nu am idee cum sa le zic, mai bine cum sa aleg sa le zic. De curand m-am intors de-acasa unde-am petrecut o saptamana foarte frumoasa alaturi de niste oameni pe care i-am considerat prieteni de cand i-am intalnit. Despre asta voi scrie, insa, in engleza, intr-un alt post, soon to come.
Sau nu. Hai ca scriu in asta, dar tot in engleza – it feels more appropriate.
So I went home on Tuesday after the exam on Numerical Methods where I got my first “holy 5” in college. I got home hitch-hiking, left Brasov really fast in a Ford Mondeo driven by a cool and really kind “rocker” who left me right where I needed to be left. After that, in Ploiesti, an old pissed guy picked me up and left me just outside of Targoviste, the point from which I had to walk all the way home. No biggie, I’m used to it, the bright side was soon to be rediscovered – mom, Taia, Jeremy, Piki, Bobby, “casa”, all in one word – home. I tried to imagine myself being one of the people at Peace Corps and all the Americans who don’t really have a place to call home since they move around really often. To me, home isn’t just the apartment and the neighborhood in which I grew up, It’s all my home friends, it’s the family – however it is, and most of all it’s the feeling of freedom I get when I’m home. It also feels like recharging batteries after however much time I spend away. It really feels nice talking about HOME!
Now, getting back to the events, I have to mention the fact that I went home to try and relax before the big exams ahead. When I got home, mom had cooked something really delicious (really anything is delicious home now) and then I went out to see Bgd. We went somewhere(I don’t remember where but it was in the city) by his car and then returned home where we planned to meet Cristinel. My bad memory doesn’t really serve me real good info so I will leave this as it is.
I don’t remember when I woke up on Wednesday but I know I went to visit Sister and Medeea, we went in the park for a walk and then bought something from penny. Crap! I’ll just skip to the interesting part, my memory is shit. I remember we tried to play some FIFA on Cristi’s big flat screen but I only played once or twice after which I fell asleep. I remember going to Priseaca for a ping-pong game but I really got my ass kicked. Then, on wednesday, things got interesting: Jeremy returned from his site visit in Valea Calugareasca and Scott was on his way to Targoviste so yeah, it was interesting to see how it would work. We all gathered home, had dinner and then went for a beer at Tower’s Pub terrace (or something like that). There we met Jovanka, Zack and two others – sorry – the memory again and we only stayed there for two beers because all of them were tired, freshly returned from their site visits.
After that we just went back home, and waited for Cristi to call and go play ping-pong or FIFA. He called, me and Scott went outside while Jeremy went to sleep, we met Cristi and Bgd and decided to play some ping-pong at Bgd's house in Priseaca. It was hard to convince Scott but the result was getting my ass kicked by all the teams we made which meant having fun 'till 4 A.M., after which we returned home. 
Unfortunately I paused writing this post for some while and now, wanting to resume it, the memory steps in again and says NO! But I know that the next day we went out at The Celt's outdoor bar, had some drinks, and then I returned home with Jeremy while Scott stayed for some dancing with Olga and another voluntee. The next day was all that I could ever expect from a day home. We started by going to the park to play some frisbeebut when we got there, a huge amount of uncut and really tall grass awaited us. We threw the disk a few times and then we started playing. I think we got our asses kicked but we sure had a good load of fun. Then the volunteers gathered around for a peer support meeting while me and Scott went to play some tennis on the courts in the Chindia Park. It was there I saw how good and complete of an athlete Scott is. While playing tennis Liviu called to get me home because a waterpipe broke in the bathroom and all the house got flooded. It was the second time a waterpipe ever broke home and it happened in those two weekends I've been home since Jweremy arrived. No biggie, I called mom and she told me not to come so I continued playing tennis :D

We then got back home, ate and shortly after, left and went to Celt's outside bar. We had a drink there, then we had one in Mosu. The PCT's went into the Mitropoly park to ... idk, just stay and have a drink, all in one place. I tried to get to their location but the wrong information got me, Zack and Becca to the other park :-< so we walked back downtown to meet them. That was the place which hosted us for a good amount of time, before going to the Celt's and dancing 3 minutes (or more, idk) before they turned the lights on, closing the place. After that we migrated to Smiley Pub in the Valahia Hotel and stayed there drinking 'till the morning light. 
What's funny is that when we woke up and looked into our wallets we found a really big amount of emptiness and great lack of money we supposed to own. But it was all worth. I had another unfrogettable night and day along with all the Peace Corps Volunteers I hosted and only them. I wish, on this occasion to thank them for inviting me everywhere they went :)
Three Peace Corps generations : )

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