luni, 20 noiembrie 2017

Happiness 2017

Happiness is when you dance for one minute, on a song that you don't know, with your eyes open in front of 24 people who don't judge you.
Shit. No. That's freedom, and they can judge.

Happiness is when you dance two minutes in front of five people who don't know what you're listening to. When you purely feel happy and think about what they think for not even a moment.
And when you jump, when you play the drums from the song, when you mime everything that you understand from that song. When you body is full of natural drugs that make you feel high.

It's when you create unbreakable and unforgettable bonds with people you didn't know a few days before.
You know it was happiness when you still smile like an idiot a week later when you think about it. And when you're affraid of listening to that song again, just so that it doesn't lose its meaning.

You know it was happiness when you realize it was the first time you ever danced in front of people sober and still felt young, wild and free. And happy!

Facility to facilitate, Keila, Estonia, early November of 2017

Writing this in Palermo, Italy in mid November 2017

With love and eagerness to meet you again