marți, 15 mai 2018

Advanced planning and stuff

So we're at the time where we do so many things in a year that people 50 years ago did in 10 years. My guess it's that tractors are bigger, more processes are more automated and more and more people are free to do stuff. And loads of more stuff to do, also. And there's way more factors to take into consideration for this, but I'm not discussing about it now.
What I want to think about is planning. And making plans that spread anywhere from 1 hour to one entire year, maybe more for some people. Not for me. It seems that all my plans go as far as one year, but I'm not going to talk about this either.
It just came to me that whenever we were planning on marathons and projects in general, we left quite a lot of things for the last week - it was the small things that no one could have thought to integrate into their role so that they were left for whoever felt them or whoever was feeling responsible or, ultimately, the project manager. Or, why not, eternity :)
And I came to think about it because I looked at my google calendar and see that I already know who I'm going to spend the next 4 months with, even though I'm going to travel to 5 or more countries in the meanwhile. Of course, other people will appear, but the important thing is that I won't be able to prioritize anyone new because of my freaking schedule (which is awesome, by the way).
And I thus wonder if there will be a time when people will plan so much ahead that they just give up planning and start living a spontaneous life? And I'm talking about the majority of people, not just a few.
It's just like with Facebook - it seems to be the greatest social tool that anyone could have ever imagined - but still, it pushes people away from each other. We dreamed so much and so long for having it and now that we do have it, we just want to give up using it.
Of course, there's people who didn't even start planning or who will never start, but I really wonder when will the time to give up planning come. I just imagine that as being the next hippie era and I hope I'll live to see it.
Thank you.

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