marți, 30 octombrie 2018


It’s one of those moments, that we very rarely have in our lives, where even though you’re surrounded by people, loud or not, you feel silent. You feel the silence. It would be awful for all our lives to be like this, but once in a while, when you have them, these moments, they’re completely priceless.
Maybe that’s why they come for free, because otherwise there would be the pressure and expectations that fuck up these moments in our daily lives. To be able to sincerely laugh and still be somewhere higher, seeing that, that is what happiness is. Maybe. Obviously.
To laugh with people you trust, to hug simply anyone, to touch absolutely anyone, to not need to feel what the boundaries are, that’s a beautiful life.
Feeling like I’m starting to fill up rows just to have a longer text, so I’ll just stop here.
Now I can copy-paste it to the second book I’m going to write, that means never.
But I feel the need to ask the question “will I die soon”? I feel the need to ask it because I feel accomplished. I feel that I’ve done and lived enough. I’d be ok with it.
I don’t want it to end, I just liked (loved and enjoyed) this moment of silence, this moment in which I was a ghost somewhere above, looking down at everyone.


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