luni, 1 ianuarie 2018


First half and second half.
The first half was about working and ensuring the fun in the second one. It was also about responsibilities and civic duties which made me feel useful and, at times, important.
The second one is the one worth mentioning here, and it was about the people and the change. The change I am (or was) so afraid of embracing. Out of everything that happened in the second half, I’m glad I didn’t break my leg again and, of course, I’m glad I met all the people I met. Ok, not all, but I’m glad I met few who changed me. Sure, this seems, and might as well be disrespectful to those who supported me without pushing me to change. Constants, Yes my friends – instead of treasures, I consider you constants – the things that don’t change and don’t have to work for. I’m sorry for that. You are great and I am generally not grateful enough for having you.
All this, while thanking those who made me meet myself again, my true self – the one I really want to be. Pointless to think about next year – I really need to finish this year and these few rows do nothing towards that.
The messy new and old Cezar.
1st of January, 2018

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